Mission and Vision

The mission of eMedicalFusion, LLC is to provide technology that enables the “new” Physician Enterprise to be successful in the challenging environment of personalized health care. We provide technology that drives efficiencies, lowers costs and increases patient satisfaction. We heavily leverage the established trend of “self service” through our ePatient Portal and we help physicians implement new revenue streams efficiently and profitably. Our focus is on those practices that have chosen to operate using the “cash”, concierge or hybrid models. We utilize the latest technologies, deploy rapidly and are highly responsive to the needs of our clients. To be expanded.

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The Company

eMedicalFusion, LLC is a Missouri Limited Liability Company that was founded by Andre Etherly and initially operated as a Virginia LLC. On March 28, 2011, Mr. Etherly led the company through a private equity transaction and strategic alliance agreement that resulted in the formation of the Missouri LLC. For details of this transaction, please click http://www.prlog.org/11408125-emedicalfusion-announces-the-completion-of-private-equity-transaction-and-strategic-alliance.html. The private equity transaction and strategic alliance agreement provided additional capital to develop new product capabilities and enhance the product roadmap while the Strategic Alliance Agreement with Pharmacy Services, Inc. has already helped the firm gain additional clients and market share. The new company is well positioned in the emerging space that it operates to deliver exceptional capabilities and drive significant efficiencies for clients. Our product road map is very robust and we are building new relationships every day that will help us to expand our offering and increase our reach.

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Leadership Team

Andre D. Etherly, CEO and Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Etherly is the Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer for eMedicalFusion, LLC. Mr. Etherly received a BA, Business Administration from Michigan State University and a MS, Information Systems Technology, from George Washington University. He is a seasoned IT Executive that has been involved in the design, development and implementation of large and small technology programs for more than 15 years. For more than 10 years , Mr. Etherly has been very passionate about the use of technology on the administrative side of health care. In fact, as a key requirement for graduating from the MSIST Program at George Washington University in 2002, Mr. Etherly’s Capstone project was entitled “The Electronic Hospital”. For this project, Mr. Etherly researched and explored the technologies available to drive efficiencies in health care on the administrative side. The project culminated with a multi-media presentation, a detailed project plan and justification for major technology upgrades to drive efficiencies in health care. Certainly, the current direction in health care supports the innovative approach that Mr. Etherly foresaw in 2002. Today, Mr. Etherly is the visionary force behind the products and solutions that eMedicalFusion develops. Seeing the unmet needs of cash-based medical practices, Mr. Etherly set out to design and build solutions that would enable cash-based practices to succeed both clinically and financially. He coined the term, “New Physician Enterprise” to refer to the these new modern medical practices that seek to provide individualized medicine operating in a cash model with lower overheads and fewer staff. These are the practices that will find the most value in the eMedicalFusion suite of integration solutions.

Mr. Etherly has published two key white papers. “The New Physician Enterprise: Leveraging Technology to Enable the Cash Medical Practice” is a primer for physicians and others considering the move to a cash practice. The second paper “Using Patient Portals to Achieve HIPAA Compliance” helps practices understand the role of patient portals in effective patient communications and how it helps to achieve HIPAA compliance. Click the links below to read these papers.



These papers are now published in the internet Ezine Article collection and Mr. Etherly has earned Mr. Etherly “expert” status as an author for the popular internet publisher.

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