Industry Analysts, Doctors and the Media Report: Direct-Pay Practices Work!

eMedicalFusion is the only management system designed for direct primary care, concierge and retainer practices

As the Affordable Care Act goes into effect, confusing new rules combined with an uncertain economy challenge both doctors and patients. Physicians and health providers costs are rising while insurance reimbursements shrink. Increased contract paperwork, new protocols and patient load combined with a long reimbursement cycle cause doctor frustration and patient dissatisfaction. In this scenario it is challenging to give or receive quality care.

Enter the direct-pay practice model. Some are based on monthly or yearly retainer fees, others on a fee-for-service arrangement. What they all have in common are freeing the doctor to create favorable patient outcomes patients, not paperwork. Direct-pay models also provide a predictable income; and the room to grow or control the growth and direction of a healthcare practice.

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“This should be the first thing doctors buy when starting a cash-based practice! eMedicalFusion makes it possible for me to run my business with the help of just two part-time employees-and that’s servicing 310 patients! All I need is my laptop and I can access the business end of my entire practice at any time, from anywhere.” Read More

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