What do you mean by the “New Physician Enterprise”
The “New Physician Enterprise” is all about prevention, new revenue streams, operating in a “cash” model (no insurance), maintaining a high-quality physician/patient relationship yet operating with corporate-like efficiency. Technology is the enabler of the new Physician Enterprise and the right technology needs to be fast to implement, easy to use, accessible 24×7 for patients and staff and be very cost-effective.

Why can’t our practice just use one of the fully integrated solutions developed by one of the large EMR/PM software companies?
From our experience and research, the business solutions offerred by the large EMR/PM software companies, typically called Practice Management Systems, don’t meet the needs of cash practices. They were developed largely to be the insurance billing systems for traditional practices. These packages are also very “heavy” and not as suitable as many of the web based single purpose systems for doing functions such as self-service appointment scheduling. Further, the Practice Management Systems don’t even touch critical capabilities like shopping cart and order management that are needed for cash practices. For these reasons, we developed the eMedicalFusion integrated solution. We invite you to look around our site and inquire using the Contact Us form if the solutions we offer are of interest.

How long does it take to deploy the eMedicalFusion Solution?
Depending on the complexity of your implementation, we can have your solution in placed and tested in 2-3 weeks. You do not need to buy any hardware other than the personal computers that you will use to access the internet and your local applications and a computer to run your local version of Quickbooks. If you use the system as designed with the pre-integrated components, you can be up and running very quickly. If you are already using other components and want us to integrate with your components, our solution is still very fast and easy to implement. Our solution works with leading 3rd party components that support xml, hl7 and text/csv file integration.

Why is self-service so important to the eMedicalFusion solution?
We didn’t invent the trend, but online banking, Amazon.com, Expedia.com and Ticketmaster are proof of the power and profitability of self service. Now, eMedicalFusion brings the power and benefits of “self service” to medical practices. Self Service is profitable because it lowers your staffing requirements, allows clinical staff to spend more time helping patients achieve their health goals and less time doing administrative work. Self service also increases patient satisfaction and importantly, the perception of the practice. It allows the practice to add new revenue streams quickly and profitably.
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