Introduction to eMedicalFusion

Introduction to eMedicalFusion

There are many technology solutions available to doctors, but eMedicalFusion is the first all-in-one Practice Management/EMR solution built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of Direct Pay practices including concierge, integrative practices and specialty clinics. This breakthrough software fuses easy-to-use technology with innovative business practices that heavily leverage the power of self-service functionality to help you streamline patient interactions, easily document the clinical encounters, go paperless and simplify the business end of your practice. Core Features of eMedicalFusion:

  • Next Generation Practice Management/EMR PLUS many features not
  • typically found in a Practice Management System tailored expressly for
  • our target practices (cash, concierge, hybrid, integrative)
  • Secure web based, hosted solution
  • eCommerce and Shopping Cart
  • Secure Online Intake Process
  • Online real-time scheduling
  • ePatient Portal
  • EMR functionality including SOAP notes and a robust Rx module provides easy to use clinical functionality that adapts to the way clinical personnel think

Key Benefits of eMedicalFusion:

  • Reduces overhead, staffing and paper processes with online automation
  • Self-service framework modeled on the success of online banking, shopping and travel industry
  • Online patient portal for scheduling, medical history forms and online payment
  • Integrated drop-ship shopping cart for selling nutraceuticals
  • Tracks patient acquisition and retention
  • Secure, web-based system accessible from anywhere
  • Seamlessly integrates with clinical systems and EMRs
  • Provides electronic SOAP note functionality
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance with secure recordkeeping
  • No software to install or maintain
  • Free support and upgrades as new features are rolled out

Why not use a traditional Practice Management System from one of the large EMR/PM software companies? These system work fine for practices doing business in a traditional insurance-based operating model. But if your practice has or desires other revenue streams including nutraceutical sales, fixed-duration concierge-style medical programs or other non-traditional revenue streams, then you need a solution that was build to accommodate these revenue streams efficiently. eMedicalFusion is that solution. Keep reading to learn more.

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Physician Benefits

Physician Benefits

Most cash and concierge practices have to maintain several unrelated systems for business operations from appointment scheduling software to patient billing programs and communication tools. While the systems work well independently, they don’t “talk” to each other, creating redundant data entry, administrative inefficiencies and an increased risk of error. But eMedicalFusion combines all these essential functions into one powerful, web-based tool that easily integrates with existing EMRs.

Simplify Intake Process

  • Eliminate need for staff to make or cancel appointments
  • Track patient intake process at a glance
  • Customize online medical history forms

Prepare for the Future

  • Establish a foundation for unlimited practice growth
  • Get free upgrades as new features are rolled out
  • Equip your practice for digital advances in the healthcare industry

Complete EHR System

  • Create clinical notes
  • Update plans
  • Full pharmacy integration
  • Lab integration
  • Shopping cart

Improve Patient Communication

  • Deliver secure in-system messages (including PHI) directly to patient
  • Remind patients of appointments or program expiration
  • Send marketing emails to prospective or current patients. Customize online medical history forms

Track Practice Metrics

  • Set goals for practice growth and measure over time
  • Track number of daily, weekly and monthly appointments
  • Monitor number of patients with over 90 days since last appointment

Increase Revenue

  • Earn money from nutraceuticals sales without maintaining inventory
  • Reduce overhead with smaller staff and single software solution
  • Improve sales cycle with integrated customer relations management (CRM)

ePrescribe with eRx Connect

  • Integrated compound pharmacies- no more formularies to manage
  • Complete standard medication prescribing for over 90,000 pharmacies
  • Easy patient ordering and refill capability
  • Tracks remaining refills

Clinical Notes/Plans/Monitoring

  • Easy Clinical Notes templates –customization available!
  • Create, continue, update, share or discontinue individual plans
  • Associate plan components with one or more diagnoses
  • Monitor changes and history using Master Problem List

Bi-directional Lab Integration

  • Certified by Quest & Labcorp – other labs coming soon!
  • Historical reports feature lets you easily compare results over time.
  • View results and abnormal flags against your own reference ranges.
Patient Benefits

Patient Benefits

Patients love eMedicalFusion as it gives them unprecedented flexibility and freedom when it comes to scheduling appointments, filling out forms, maintaining their demographic data, paying bills and more. The secure, web-based ePatientPortal makes it easy for them to access all their information from a single online system that’s accessible 24×7.

Shop for Products

  • Order supplements, cash-based prescriptions or lab tests online
  • Pay for orders with existing billing preferences
  • Track shipment status with email updates

Schedule Appointments Online

  • Never wait on hold for a receptionist
  • Access doctor’s real-time calendar so available times are always up to date
  • Cancel or modify appointments as desired

Eliminate Paper Forms

  • Save time by completing health history, HIPAA and consent forms online
  • Make changes or additions to health history as needed
  • Receive lab requisitions online

Improve Communication

  • Correspond directly with the doctor using secure, in-system messages
  • Receive reminders about upcoming appointments or bills
  • Stay in contact with the practice with updates and announcements

Manage Account

  • Create username and password to keep information secure
  • Enter and maintain demographic profile
  • View and track lab results

Pay for Services

  • View and print financial transactions
  • Set up future or recurring payments
  • Manage billing information and preferences

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Vendor Benefits

Vendor Benefits

The integrated eVendorPortal allows physicians to sell products from many different approved drop-ship vendors at once, picking and choosing what items they want to sell through their practice at a given time. The 3dCart API makes it simple for vendors to offer a streamlined shopping experience for patients, similar to Amazon’s industry leading approach, without the need for separate systems or manual processes.

Increase Sales

  • Physicians can easily recommend products to patients through the system
  • Enables “auto-ship” orders
  • Works with small or large drop-shipping distributors

Simplify Order Processing

  • Receive orders through secure, easy-to-use interface
  • Enter tracking information online
  • Send automatic, configurable emails to patients with order status updates

Improve Efficiency

  • Integrates with UPS©, FexEx ©, USPS© and CA Post
  • Features robust XML API access
  • Receive nightly order status updates

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