System Overview

System Overview

If you are a Direct Pay medical practice or thinking about moving in that direction, you need to know about eMedicalFusion – the only software package that provides the complete solution for Direct Pay clinics that incorporates specifically designed EHR, Practice Management, Patient Portal , Webstore and integrated eCommerce. There is nothing else like it!

Plus, now eMedicalFusion offers fully integrated Tele-video allowing you to extend your reach with HIPAA-compliant secure video.  This capability significantly increases patient value and allows extended reach in states like Virginia that specifically permit telemedicine when video is a part of it.  Click below to learn more about how eMedicalFusion can help you with your telehealth initiatives.

Gain the benefit. Avoid the “meaningful use” baggage
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Practice Management 360 Fast Start

eMedicalFusion PM 360 Fast Start

Supercharge your practice in 48 hours with eMedicalFusion PM 360 Fast start Package.   See more patients, grow your practice and lower expenses. Make the move to the software system designed exclusively for Direct Primary Care, Concierge and Integrative Practitioners.

eMedicalFusion PM 360 Fast Start is a revolutionary solution that provides everything your office needs to grow and thrive in single 100% web-based tool and best of all, you can be up and running with the basics in 48 hours or less due to our fast start template.  Then take the time to configure your practice specifics while gaining the benefits of this robust technology.

Here is a short summary of what all you get with PM 360 Fast Start:

  • Complete Practice Management with Integrated $eCommerce tailored for direct pay and concierge/membership practices
  • Automated Secure online intake process that is fully configurable to your practice needs
  • Robust Customer/Patient Relationship Management fully integrated with your website and other lead sources
  • eCommerce that rocks with robust inside the application credit card and echeck processing to save you time and increase accuracy.  Setup installment plans, manage package sales, setup memberships all automatically and within the application.

Customer/Patient Relationship Management

  • Accelerate and increase lead closings and revenue with our intuitive lead management system.  No need for a separate, disconnected CRM.
  • Use our API to easily pull leads from your website and other sources into our Lead Management System
  • Use flexible, automated marketing/drip campaigns to help drive more leads to closure
  • Monitor success with Lead management reporting.  Determine where you need to focus to increase lead closing.

$eCommerce That Rocks!

  • Robust credit card and eCheck processing in the software application (not some 3rd party terminal of separate application)
  • Setup installment payment plans, sell packages with automated tracking, sell memberships with automated expiration management
  • Online website that supports office inventory, 3rd party dropshippers and 3rd party integrated fulfillment centers for nutraceuticals and other merchandise

Secure, User-Friendly And Ready For The Future!

  • Cloud-based, 100% web (no downloads or pluggins), HIPAA Compliant
  • Works with any Windows or MAC PC and tablets and Android tablets
  • Fully integrated with emedicalFusion EHR when you are ready to add the clinical documentation
  • Robust integrated tele-health with video
  • Support 100% paperless office
Electronic Health Records (EHR)

eMedicalFusion® EHR

eMedicalFusion® EHR combines a high level of functionality and features with a low learning curve. Get up to speed and ready to roll in an hour or less! Plus, it’s fully integrated with ecommerce functionality for pharmacy, doctor and patient. The eMedicalFusion® EHR module includes:

  • Entry point to the clinical system – each area dynamically links to the clinical detail
  • Provides the complete picture of the patient in a single screen

eMedicalFusion® Clinical Dashboard

  • Use our templates or easily create your own!
  • Prebuilt templates for Integrative Specialties
  • Comprehensive ROS/PE template
  • Learn to do your note electronically in less than 1 hour – other systems take weeks/months to learn

Quick and organized Clinical/Soap Notes Update your clinical plans the easy way For many docs, the “plan” is the essence of the clinical note. But in most EHRs, the plan is just another blob of text that gets mixed in the note. Not so with eMedicalFusion’s unique approach to plan creation.

  • Each plan component can be continued, updated or discontinued independently.
  • Each plan component can be associated with one or more diagnoses.
  • Option to share plans with patients via the ePatient Portal if desired.
  • Makes plan creation, updates and progress monitoring easy and comprehensive.
Patient Management Portal (PMP)

Patient Management Portal (PMP)

The PMP is the interface used by physicians and staff that provides direct access to the patient data and many critical functions including:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Shopping cart purchases
  • In-office checkout and payment for services rendered
  • Patient communications (Secure Communications and email)
  • Patient Management Dashboard.

The PMP is the “system of record” for all of the demographic data including name, addresses, phone numbers, date of birth. For practices that offer fixed duration programs for service delivery, the PMP tracks the start and expiration dates for these programs and provides complete renewal management capability. The dashboard provides near real time visibility into the intake process, appointment activities and patient acquisition statistics. It is a powerful tool to get a quick handle on the business of the practice and the inherent benchmarks can be easily updated for each practice and can be changed easily as the business grows. The exhibit below provides a depiction of the dashboard in action.

Watch a 2 minute short video here:

Looking at the intake status section, green checkmarks indicate forms that have been received or actions that are complete. Green dots signal activities not complete, but still within the allotted time established by the practice. Yellow dots signal caution as the established time has passed and red indicates a need for action as an additional amount of time has passed (set by the practice) and the activity is still not complete. In the remaining two sections, the fuel gages indicate the level of appointments, new patients, new program patients and other metrics that are important to the practice. The needle shows the current level of activity against the benchmarks for each color set by the practice. From the dashboard, practice managers can determine at a glance the state of the business of the practice. Intake Coordinators can determine the exact status of all of the patients that are in the intake process and practice marketing professionals can determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

eMedicalFusion is very rich in features that are specifically designed to meet the needs of Direct Pay medical practices. The table below provides a list of many of the key features and benefits of eMedicalFusion.

Plus, now eMedicalFusion offers fully integrated Tele-video allowing you to extend your reach with HIPAA-compliant secure video.  This capability significantly increases patient value and allows extended reach in states like Virginia that specifically permit telemedicine when video is a part of it.  Click below to learn more about how eMedicalFusion can help you with your telehealth initiatives.

Secure, web-based, hosted solutionHIPAA compliant; no hardware to purchase; highly available platform; accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
Patient Management Portal (PMP)Easy to use, initial point of entry for all patient demographics, fully integrated with ePatientPortal
ePatient Portal (ePP)Provides secure access to all patient self-service functions as well as secure communications with the practice.
Secure, HIPAA- compliant online intake.Includes demographic registration, health history (uses the Practice’s own form), HIPAA acknowledgement, payment arrangements and appointment
Secure Patient CommunicationsProvides secure communication (appropriate for PHI) between physicians, staff and patients. In addition, all communications are recorded and visible in the system.
eMedicalFusion EHReMedicalFusion® EHR is the EHR that lets you avoid the “meaningful-use” baggage and use an EHR that is easy to learn and easy to use as it is designed specifically for the Direct Pay Practitioner. It combines a high level of functionality and features with a low learning curve. Get up to speed and ready to roll in an hour or less! Plus, it’s fully integrated with ecommerce functionality for pharmacy, doctor and patient.
Integrated Online SchedulingProvides staff and patient interfaces that allow the scheduling, rescheduling and canceling of appointments in real time quickly and easily.
Integrated Shopping CartAllows the practice to easily sell nutraceuticals, compounded pharmaceuticals, ebooks, etc. The “auto-ship” order feature for those products that are required on an ongoing basis increases revenue and patient satisfaction.
eVendor PortalUsed by product distributors to view orders and enter tracking information that is immediately updated in the shopping cart and generates patient notification with tracking numbers. This allows , allowing the practice to operate with “” efficiency.
Powerful Patient Management DashboardProvides visibility into the full lifecycle of patient management activities including the all-important intake process.
eInquiry Management System (eIMS)Adds value to “contact-us” page on website. With eIMS, these contacts are populated into an integrated database whereby the prospect can be communicated with easily and migrated to the PMP when appropriate.
eCommerce Payment GatewayFor patients and staff, this gateway provides a robust interface to to process everything from standard single payment transactions to multiple payment installment arrangements, all automatically.
Fixed Duration Program ManagementFor transactions that are processed through the system, eMedicalFusion totally manages the start and expiration dates and provide automated renewal management including renewal notices.
Secure HIPAA-compliant Tele-videoIntegrated video adds value to remote patient appointments.

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Lead Management System

Lead Management System — NO Separate CRM Needed

Most practices have a website that includes a “contact us” page that allows prospective patients to submit inquiries to the practice. The problem is that these inquiries are generally delivered to the practice by email. As the number of inquiries increases, managing these inquiries is difficult in an email environment. That is where the eMedicalFusion Inquiry Management system (eIMS) steps in to help practices manage these inquiries more effective thereby converting more prospective patients to patients than possible with the email-based system. With the eIMS, inquiries submitted through the web contact us page as well as inquiries that originate from calls to the office can all be managed with the eIMS. From the eIMS, practices can make notes for other staff persons to see or just a tickler note to self for later followup, send managed emails to the patient and send the links with instructions for the online intake process. As leads are converted or lost, they are removed from the active list so that the staff responsible for managing the inquiries can focus on the relevant/active leads. With the eIMS, practices use eMedicalFusion to manage the entire lifecycle of interactions from prospective patient to patients and beyond. Click to Talk or Text an eMedicalFusion representative NOW!


Now available as part of the eMedicalFusion Software Suite or as a Stand Alone Portal ePatient Portal, available both as part of the eMedicalFusion Practice Management Suite and as a Standalone Product, provides real benefits for patients and practices by leveraging an existing trend – Self Service. With ePatient Portal, your patients will finally feel like medicine has joined the 21st century. Patients will appreciate the 24×7 self-service convenience as it saves them time and enables them to perform a number of tasks without picking up the phone or sending an email. And practices can use the ePatientPortal to help achieve HIPAA compliance. Click here to understand how you can use our standalone patient portal to help achieve HIPAA Compliance The ePatientPortal is delivered via a secure web site (https://) that allows patients to accomplish the following:

  • Create and update their demographic profile
  • Complete a configurable multi step online intake process including filling a health history form and HIPAA Acknowledgement
  • Schedule appointments
  • Bidirectional Secure Communications with the physicians and staff
  • Make payments for services
  • Access the shopping cart

Click here to see the ePatientPortal Secure Online Intake in action in this 2 minute video:

The Patient Experience with the eMedicalFusion ePatient Portal (Cash Practice) Future patients self-register to start the intake process. The patient inputs all of the key demographic information, selects a username and password and downloads, then completes the remaining steps of the online intake process including making payment (if required by the practice) and scheduling the initial appointment. As the patient proceeds through the online intake, the practice intake coordinator watches the dashboard as each form is submitted. After all forms are submitted to the office, the practices that require pre-visit lab work develops the lab requisition and sends the requisition to the patient using eMedicalFusion’s secure messaging capability. The patient receives an email notice that new secure messages are ready to be viewed and logs into the portal to retrieve the message and the lab requisition. The patient heads to the lab as instructed by the doctor.

At the initial appointment, the patient agrees to commence with one of the concierge-type programs that the practice offers and the staff inputs the program into the eMedicalFusion payment application that allows the patient to pay for the program in monthly or quarterly installments, which are completely automated and require no further action from the staff. Then the doctor has recommend several nutraceuticals and these are entered into the shopping cart along with a recurring order so that the products will be shipped to the patient automatically in the chosen frequencies.

At the end of the month, the patient enters the ePatientPortal to review their statement of charges and payments and prints this statement for submission to their flexible spending reimbursement account. In some cases, this statement may need to be augmented by a medically coded invoice.

Achieve HIPAA Compliance with the eMedicalFusion ePatient Portal (All Practices) Recently, the federal government has discovered that HIPAA compliance audits are profitable so they have doubled their staff assigned to HIPAA compliance audits. The fines for non-compliance are significant with large organizations being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for non-compliance issues and small practices being fined tens of thousands of dollars. Many of these violations can be avoided with a patient portal combined with solid office procedures. Keep reading to understand a few of the HIPAA Compliance issues and how the ePatientPortal resolves these issues:

  • Communicating with patients involving Protected Health Information (PHI). Currently many practices use email as a mode of communication with patients. Based on the HIPAA regulations and HI-TECH amendment to the act, email is not a secure form of communication. Importantly patients may NOT waive HIPAA so even if you have them sign a document agreeing to communicate by email, you are still in violation
  • Solution: Bidirectional Secure Communications with the ePatientPortal. The server-based secure communication is similar to the methods employed by banks and other security consciouus organizations whereby you may receive an email communication directing you to the portal to get the message content.
Lab Integration

Robust Bi-directional Lab Integration

  • Certified by Quest and Labcorp for bi-directional integration. Other labs are being constantly added!
  • Create lab orders easily and efficiently for in-office draw or send directly to Quest/Labcorp Service Centers.
  • Current master test code files ensure you are ordering the intended tests from the database published by the labs.
  • Results reporting uses color coded lines to flag abnormal values.
  • Historical reports feature lets you easily compare results over time.
  • Exclusive feature for Integrative Practitioners: Enter practice -specific reference ranges and view results and abnormal flags against your own reference ranges. (Eliminates having to explain to patients why they are in the “reference” range but not in the optimal range.)
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Payment Application

Payment Application

For cash and concierge practices, the payment application is one of the most important components of a fully integrated system since this application alone is responsible for charging the patients form of payment and recording all transactions for accounting and reconciliation purposes. As eMedicalFusion systems are designed specifically for cash, concierge and hybrid practices, the eMedicalFusion “smart” Payment Application has very specific functionality for cash practices including:

  • Charging for an unlimited number of product and service items
  • Sales tax charging and collection and posting to QB for payment to tax authorities
  • Automatic processing of payment plans
  • Ability to have different services and rates for multiple practice locations
  • Ability to process “offline” charges through the system to handle alternate payment methods like Care Credit or swipe terminal payments
  • Ability to swipe cards using a standard USB magnetic card reader that can attach to any PC
  • Scheduling of recurring automatic charges
  • Email receipts and point-of-sale printable receipts
  • Maintaining start and expiration dates for fixed duration “programs”
  • Securely storing credit card data for later use using’s Customer Information Manager – an approach that allows practices to have the convenience of stored cards yet operating with PCI compliance
  • Linkages with CPT codes for patient superbill generation (not for 3rd party billing)
  • Fully integrated with the patient data avoiding redundant data entry of using a disconnected system

The functionality highlighted above is enabled by one of the leading internet gateway providers, It will truly enable your cash practice to do business using practice specific payment programs for each service that you sell. If facilitates PCI compliance as we do NOT store credit card numbers on our systems thereby avoiding the PCI compliance issues associated with this practice. This allows you to certify your PCI compliance with a simple self-assessment when required by your merchant bank.

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The eVendorPortal combined with a very robust shopping cart delivers an “” shopping experience for patients and a profit center for practices. And this profit center works 24×7 even when the doctor is not in the office. The practice chooses which vitamins, supplements and products to offer from our list of preferred vendors or ones of your choosing. Then patients can log into the ePatientPortal and purchase these products using a familiar shopping cart interface all without using staff to take the orders and process credit cards. The practice doesn’t have to hold inventory, process orders or ship a thing. This is truly operating in the 21st century. The integrated eVendor Portal includes an order management system that supports multiple dropshippers with real-time integration with the shopping cart. Support for multiple dropshippers means that the practice can use as many vendors as they choose as opposed to the vendor-provided shopping carts that generally support selling only a single product line. The order management component provides a secure web-based interface for vendors to receive orders, update orders status and enter shipping/tracking information. As this occurs, the shopping cart is updated in real time and patients receive real time status and shipping confirmation emails with tracking numbers. If you have ordered from, you understand the power of this efficiency and communications. With eMedicalFusion eVendor Portal, every practice can enjoy the revenue and profits of offering patients the products they need in a convenient, familiar shopping cart interface. Now a bit about the technology. The shopping cart is powered by 3dCart and is one of the leading shopping carts offered today with several thousand active sites. The technology is powerful and eMedicalFusion, LLC has been selected as a 3dCart Platinum Partner, their highest level of partnership. The award is based not only on the number of active 3dCart sites that we have today but also due to the innovation in our application of 3dCart. Recurring orders, Single sign-on from the ePatient Portal and Patient Management Portal, support for multiple drop ship vendors and more are the compelling reasons why eMedicalFusion, LLC has been honored with 3dCart’s highest level of partnership. If you want to leverage the power of shoppign cart technology and 3DCart technology in particular, then eMedicalFusion is the right choice. eMedicalFusion –a 3DCart Platinum Partner. Click to Talk or Text an eMedicalFusion representative NOW!

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