eMedicalFusion provides targeted healthcare consulting services for Direct Pay Practices.






We can help you with practice design, transition support, patient enrollment consulting and a host of other topics. Each engagement is tailored to the needs of the client. Take your practice to the next level with eMedicalFusion Healthcare Consulting Services.

eMedicalFusion Sample Deliverables for Consulting Engagements

  1. Transition Support. We will provide analysis, guidance, coordination with others including your Healthcare Attorney to help you develop a plan to transition from your current insurance-based practice to a dual/hybrid practice including a Direct Pay Integrative segment and an insurance-based segment for covered services.  The plan will consider economics, your personal desires, legal and other considerations.
  2. Review and compare Practice vision, offerings and execution.  This engagement helps practices to understand the needed alignment between vision, offerings and execution.  Deliverable: Report and discussion about findings.
  3. Practice Design/Scope of Practice.  We will work with you to determine the scope of the practice.  Through this process, we will identify pros/cons, provide profitability analysis of various offerings and work collaboratively to determine the initial practice scope.  This process will include brainstorming and other collaborative sessions as well as work that we will independently perform. Deliverable: Final scope of services document.
  4. Determination of Practice Model and Pricing Schedule for services to be rendered based on scope determined in above step.  We will do competitive analysis as needed, perform financial analysis as needed, all to find the optimal price point for your services. Deliverable: Final document describing the practice model and the pricing schedule for services.
  5. Coaching for Prospecting Patients.  Providing coaching to include silent participation in live prospect patient calls, role playing calls for physician and/or staff.  This approach allows us to provide very specific feedback about your performance in taking prospecting calls and specific guidance to drive maximum closing rates. Includes specific discussion/coaching on handling objections, delivering proper value propositions and closing strategies.
  6. Provide detailed guidance, pricing strategy and operational instruction to support the introduction of a program-fee based approach to servicing patients.    The above service will be based on studying and understanding scope of services, desired target market, existing visit patterns and other relevant data.  This is needed to determine the most optimal program offerings.
  7. Market Analysis.  Review of competition in your local market with high-level recommendations for service focus and pricing for fee-for-service pricing approach.
  8. Adwords Marketing.  Adwords marketing is a great way to get started because it brings instant leads.  SEO and other methods take several months to generate leads and in the highly competitive BHRT market, it will be very difficult to get to the first page of google.  Adwords is the fastest way to market. Our service provides you with the appropriate keywords and advertising messages for an instant start.  Requires 6 month commitment.

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