eMedicalFusion is built on a modern tiered architecture to provide for scalability, flexibility and ease of integration. The modular approach that we use to building eMedicalFusion components allows us to deliver more capability to the market faster and allows us to easily embrace the forward view of Health IT being fully integrated across the entire healthcare ecosystem of providers, payers and patients.

The application fits squarely into the established paradigm of Software as a Service (SaaS) as the entire suite is delivered “in the cloud” and no software installation is required. The graphic below depicts the high-level technical architecture.

The eMedicalFusion suite of products are built on the latest versions of Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET and C# running on MS Windows Server and MS SQLServer platforms. All of the applications are 100% web based, meaning that any of the applications can be executed from a web browser with NO software to install. The software architecture leverages an industry standard best-practice three tiered approach which separates the business logic, data handling and user interface into 3 distinct layers of code. This approach provides for maximum reuse and maintainability. SOAP and REST-based web services are use for secure data exchange with external sources.

XML has become the “defacto” standard for exchanging data between applications and the eMedicalFusion suite of applications heavily leverages xml for exchanging data between external applications. For data exchange with clinical systems hl7 is the dominant standard and we utilize this standard for exchanging patient demographic data between the clinical system and our SQL Server database. In addition, for applications that do not leverage either of these standards, we also use text files to exchange data.

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We take security very seriously. Our applications were built form the ground up recognizing that security during transport and protection of data at rest would be critical. All access to the database is done through object programming avoiding direct database access from the web page. Further, all transactions are done over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to ensure security during transmission. Our fully integrated shopping cart is PCI compliant and we leverage industry leading to provide secure gateway processing and support for recurring billing with their secure Customer Information Manager (CIM capability).

Our applications are hosted in a secure, state of the art data center. The data center provides us with a scalable server architecture allowing us to add capacity as the demand increases, and offers nightly backups and a robust highly-redundant server architecture. The facility is approximately 200,000 facility and features fully conditioned power and generator backup. The data center provides robust physical security including card keyed doors, individually locked cabinets and detailed video surveillance of every server cabinet.

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EMR Integration

eMedicalFusion employs an “open systems” architecture and smart integration approach allowing us to easily interface with most EMR’s using HL7, XML or ASCII files. We deploy a VPN connection between our server and the client’s environment to facilitate secure transport of the data.

Our integration approach makes eMedicalFusion the single point of entry for demographic data and eMedicalFusion takes care of populating the EMR with the demographic data, further reducing the chance of errors and increasing office efficiency.

We have already implemented integration with many popular EMR’s including eClinicalWorks, SoapWare and ClinixMD and more than likely we can integrate with the EMR of your choice using our smart integration approach. If this is an area of concern for you, then give us a call and we will be glad to explore EMR integration with eMedicalFusion prior to your purchase.
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