eMedicalFusion eRx is the solution certified by PCCA

Our eRx Ecosystem connects compounding pharmacies with doctors, prescribers, clinics and their patients in one closed loop of security and efficiency. Supports traditional pharmacies, too!

  • Keep your current business system. We’ll deliver your scripts right into PK
  • No, PK, no problem: We’ll deliver typed prescriptions to you by secure fax.
  • Using Surescripts?  No worries.. We don’t use  SureScripts so you can’t  get charged for scripts moving across eRx Connect.

Our Closed Loop System

  • eMedicalFusion: Provides the technology infrastructure and manages the network
  • Compounding Pharmacies: Manage the formulary available to the network
  • Prescriber: Typically physicians engaged in BHRT/Age Management/Pain Mgt
  • Patients: Fill and track prescriptions in a secure, online setting

Why Doctors Prefer Us:

  • Accurate, Efficient, Timesaving: A one-stop system for compound and standard eprescribing.
  • ePrescribe with Confidence:Â No formularies to maintain. Each formulary item is pre-linked to a specific compounding pharmacy
  • Over 90,000 standard pharmacies loaded into the system.
  • One-click locater for generic and therapeutic alternatives for standard meds.
    Easy patient ordering and refill capability: Our ePatient Portal optimizes the workflow for docs, patients, and pharmacies.

Why Patients Love Us:

  • One-click prescription orders. Just view active prescriptions or request a refill online.
  • Track remaining refills and order online with secure 24/7 – 365 access

Why Network your Compounding Pharmacy with eRx Connect®:

  • Prescriptions populate directly into each pharmacy’s PK Compounder: Pre- linked to specific formulary items
  • Prescriptions populate with designations of “Hold”, “Approved”, “Prepaid:” Fill only the scripts that meet the right criterion.
  • Unobtrusive integration with PK: Reduces the learning curve and implementation timeline. No heavy new user interfaces imposed on the pharmacy.
  • Elimination of manual entry of Rx’s into the PK Compounder: Reduces errors and improves accuracy.
  • Your pharmacy marketed to our Network of compound medication prescribers.
  • Prescribing errors are virtually eliminated: Your specific formulary items are pre-integrated into the eMedicalFusion  eRxManager.
  • Significant improvement in refill workflow: System prevents patients from refilling expired prescriptions.

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