eMedicalFusion PM 360 Fast Start

Supercharge your practice in 48 hours with eMedicalFusion PM 360 Fast start Package.   See more patients, grow your practice and lower expenses. Make the move to the software system designed exclusively for Direct Primary Care, Concierge and Integrative Practitioners.

eMedicalFusion PM 360 Fast Start is a revolutionary solution that provides everything your office needs to grow and thrive in single 100% web-based tool and best of all, you can be up and running with the basics in 48 hours or less due to our fast start template.  Then take the time to configure your practice specifics while gaining the benefits of this robust technology.

Here is a short summary of what all you get with PM 360 Fast Start:

  • Complete Practice Management with Integrated $eCommerce, robust scheduling with patient self-service, all tailored for direct pay and concierge/membership practices
  • ePatient Portal that enables patient self-service for automated online enrollment, scheduling, secure communications, order placement and many more features
  • Easily searchable single database of patients for all functions.  No more using multiple data sources for different tasks.
  • Robust Customer/Patient Relationship Management fully integrated with your website and other lead sources
  • eCommerce that rocks with robust inside the application credit card and echeck processing to save you time and increase accuracy.

Customer/Patient Relationship Management

  • Accelerate and increase lead closings and revenue with our intuitive lead management system.  No need for a separate, disconnected CRM.
  • Use our API to easily pull leads from your website and other sources into our Lead Management System
  • Use flexible, automated marketing/drip campaigns to help drive more leads to closure
  • Monitor success with Lead management reporting.  Determine where you need to focus to increase lead closing.

Scheduling with Patient self-service that saves time

  • Scheduling is open 24×7 so that staff and patients can schedule in real time whenever it is convenient for them to do it
  • Endless configurability for the schedule so you can make our schedule work the way your practice works
  • Avoid room conflicts with our resource conflict management tool
  • Self-service saves time.  Consider that for a typical integrative/concierge style practices with 10 appointments per day the savings is 25 hours per month. Reclaim that time to provide better customer service.

$eCommerce That Rocks!

  • Robust credit card and eCheck processing in the software application (not some 3rd party terminal of separate application)
  • Setup installment payment plans, sell packages with automated tracking, sell memberships with automated expiration management
  • Online website that supports office inventory, 3rd party dropshippers and 3rd party integrated fulfillment centers for nutraceuticals and other merchandise

Check this 2 minute video to see eMedicalFusion PM 360 in operation!

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