eMedicalFusion – Emerging SaaS Application provider of comprehensive Practice Management and Clinical Solution for Cash and Concierge Medical Practices unveils a new Clinical Module and a Redesigned Web Site

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The new clinical module, eMRLite extends the innovation and leadership that eMedicalFusion continues to exhibit by providing an easy to use module that physicians and staff can use to enter the realm of digital medical records. And the new content-management-driven website delivers highly relevant, dynamic content to its current and future clients.

eMedicalFusion, LLC, with headquarters in St. Louis, MO and technology leadership in the Virginia technology corridor in Tysons Corner, VA unveils a new Clinical Module that provides its target clients with easy to use EMR/EHR functionality. This new Clinical Module is an integrated, easy to implement EMR/EHR solution that gets these practices into the realm of digital medical records. At the same time, the company is announcing the launch of its redesigned web site at www.emedicalfusion.com. The new site features leverages one of the leading content management systems to help ensure that the company can keep the content relevant and fresh in the dynamic market of health information technology.

Talking about the new clinical record capability, Andre Etherly CEO and Chief Technology Officer says, “We have had significant demand for easy to use EMR/EHR functionality and we are pleased to deliver this key functionality to the market. It provides practices an easy to use, easy to implement capability to create clinical notes and manage follow-ups.” Etherly says that the new module is not intended to compete with the full featured EMR platforms that are currently offered in the marketplace. Compared to the full featured EMR/EHR’s in the market, eMRLite offers significant value, ease of use and ease of implementation to its target market of integrative, concierge and cash-based practices.

“The newly redesigned web site was a goal that was set at the time of the recently announced (March 29, 2011) private equity transaction and has now come to fruition”, says Diana Baumohl, Vice President. She believes that the new messaging that is delivered through the new site more clearly articulates the eMedicalFusion value proposition and helps physicians, business managers and others understand the unique capabilities and benefits of eMedicalFusion.

Today’s initial release of eMRLite helps eMedicalFusion deliver on its promise of “just add the doctor”, says Etherly. eMedicalFusion’s vision has always been to provide the complete solution for doctors operating in one of the cash/concierge revenue models regardless of their particular specialty. Some are Antiaging or Age Management physicians, some specialize in Functional Medicine, some characterize their practice as “Integrative” and yet others are Family Practitioners that have decided to opt out of insurance in order to regain control of how they treat patients. There is a growing number of doctors opting out of insurance and eMedicalFusion provides the complete solution whether the practice is new/emerging, well established or a large complex practices consisting of multiple physicians and multiple locations.

eMRLite provides an easy to use interface that allows the clinical note to be completed in just a couple minutes. It does not have the heaviness of most of the EMR/EHR solutions in the marketplace and has a simple user interface that requires very little training. Setting up to use the module is easy as well and can be completed in less than one hour. Staff and physicians can setup an unlimited number of templates to make creating notes easy to do with very little typing. Over the next several months, eMedicalFusion and eMRLite will get several new features, all targeted at eMedicalFusion’s goal of enabling the physicians operating in the new revenue models to seamlessly transition their practices to the paperless environment and to operate their practices more effectively and more efficiently.

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eMedicalFusion, LLC is a Missouri Limited Liability Company that provides cloud-based, practical, easy to implement Practice Management solutions targeted at cash, hybrid, concierge and integrative medical practices. eMedicalFusion solutions are based on the fusion of technology and innovative business processes enabled by deep domain knowledge. The application is delivered through a secure web-based platform that alleviates the need for practices to purchase servers and hire IT staff. The solutions incorporate components of conventional Practice Management but add a powerful integration engine that integrates multiple applications to create the specific functionality needed by cash, concierge and hybrid practices. Self-service features including ePatient Portal, online scheduling, shopping cart, secure messaging and workflow enablement are the underlying capabilities that drives back-office efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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