eMedicalFusion® and GAINSWave enter a key Strategic Partnership

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eMedicalFusion® LLC, a leader in web-based Practice Management and EHR solutions for direct pay medical practices and GAINSWave®, the leader in shockwave therapy to treat erectile dysfunction and to optimize men’s sexual performance have entered into a strategic partnership.  The strategic partnership will allow GAINSWave® to directly offer the eMedicalFusion® Practice Management 360 Fast Start program to its clients.  The pre-configured fast start solution provides everything GAINSWave® direct pay offices need to grow and thrive with a system can be live in 48 hours.  For GAINSWave® clients, their GAINSWave® leads will flow directly into eMedicalFusion®’s powerful CRM solution that comes with configurable,  automated marketing campaigns pre-loaded with GAINSWave® content to accelerate closes and increase success.

GAINSWave® utilizes high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis, remove micro-plaque, and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. GAINSWave® uses a specific protocol designed to optimize efficacy, safety, and results. The therapy is supported by over 30 clinical studies showing a greater than 75% success rate in treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED).  Most GAINSWave® clients are Direct Pay practitioners, meaning they don’t take insurance which makes them a perfect fit for eMedicalFusion®.

eMedicalFusion®, founded in 2009, by CEO Andre Etherly, was the first all-in-one Practice Management/EMR solution built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of Direct Pay practices including concierge, integrative practices and specialty clinics. eMedicalFusion® is breakthrough software that fuses easy-to-use, 100% web-based technology with innovative business practices that heavily leverage the power of self-service functionality to help medical practices streamline patient interactions, go paperless and simplify the business of their practice.  With eMedicalFusion®, practices can easily Plan, Prescribe, Chart, Schedule, Manage, Collect and Grow, all from a single fully integrated platform.

GAINSWave® selected eMedicalFusion® for its strategic partner program after they saw the power of the integrated CRM with automated marketing campaigns. They immediately saw how its clients would benefit from the integration with eMedicalFusion®.  For eMedicalFusion®, GAINSWave® clients who number in the hundreds are a perfect fit for its robust solution so the partnership is destined to a big win for both parties.

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