eMedicalFusion, LLC launches Next Generation Technology offering for the “New Physician Enterprise”

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eMedicalFusion, LLC launches “eIntegrationSuite” — Enabling technology for cash-based medical practices. The web-based application integrates Practice Management with multiple self-service applications to drive efficiencies and patient satisfaction.

PRLog (Press Release) Feb 08, 2010 eMedicalFusion, LLC announces the broad availability of the “eIntegrationSuite”, its next generation suite of 100% web-based applications designed to enable the “New Physician Enterprise” to operate with corporate-life efficiency in the back office. Andre Etherly, Founder and Chief Technology Officer uses the term “New Physician Enterprise” to refer to the new breed of cash-based medical practices that practice highly individualized medicine, typically focused on areas such as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), Anti-Aging Medical Therapies and Functional Medicine. The application suite integrates a new breed of Practice Management applications with multiple self-service applications that cash practices need to deliver high levels of patient satisfaction while keeping administrative costs low.

Etherly is a seasoned IT Executive that has been involved in the design, development and implementation of leading-edge information technology for more than 15 years. Today, Mr. Etherly is the visionary force behind the products and solutions that eMedicalFusion develops. “Due to my affiliation and role as Chief Strategy Officer with a very successful practice, Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC, (www.proactivewellness.com), I saw first hand the unmet needs of cash-based medical practices. After determining that the currently marketed Practice Management Systems didn’t align with the needs of cash practices, I went to work to design and build solutions that would enable cash-based practices to achieve a high level of efficiency and patient satisfaction. ” The result is the eIntegrationSuite and the related products. This suite of applications represents the fusion of technology and highly optimized, innovative business processes.

From a technology perspective, the eIntegrationSuite provides the glue to integrate the core eMedicalFusion applications with multiple 3rd party commercially available applications. This approach creates a single enterprise solution using the eMedicalFusion “smart integration” approach, enabled by the latest in .NET, XML and HL7 technologies all offered as a hosted solution, dubbed “Software as a Service” (SaaS). Actually with the built in integration engine, this application combines a SaaS offering with Integration as a Service (IaaS). This approach combined with our utilization of 3rd party SaaS components renders a low-cost, easy to use and implement solution that will grow and scale as the practice grows, and has been proven to drive significant administrative efficiencies as well.

The eIntegrationSuite actually includes multiple discrete applications including the eIntegrationHub, the Patient Management Database (PMD), the eVendorPortal and the ePatientPortal. The core of the solution is the PMD and eIntegrationHub. The PMD is the master database for all prospective patients, leads and patients. It is the “system of record” for all demographic data, provides significant functionality to help manage patient workflow and access to external systems, and provides significant search capabilities. The eIntegrationHub integrates multiple 3rd party web-based applications that are needed to run the enterprise. It provides connectors that propagates and synchronizes the patient demographic data across all of the 3rd party applications including the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, a financial management system, an internet shopping cart, a true self service appointment scheduling system and a system to handle marketing and communications with current and prospective patients.

The eVendorPortal includes 3dCart, one of the leading internet-based shopping carts, delivers an “Amazon-like” shopping experience for patients. The integrated system includes an order management system for multiple dropshippers with real-time integration with 3dCart. The order management component provides a secure web-based application for vendors and dropshippers to receive orders, update order status and shipping information. As this occurs, 3dCart is updated in real time and patients receive real time configurable emails updating them on status.

The ePatientPortal provides numerous self-service capabilities to patients delivered via a secure web site that allows patients to create and update their demographic profile, schedule appointments, access the shopping cart, pay for visits and fixed-duration retainer programs, view and print their financial transactions with the practice, change passwords across all applications with a single entry, complete intake forms and link components of their clinical file with their own personal health record via Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault.

Together, these applications enable the New Physician Enterprise to achieve significant back office efficiencies while delivering a high level of service to today’s tech savvy patients. “The market receptiveness to the offering has been outstanding”, said Etherly, as the firm has had already had several clients subscribe to the eIntegrationSuite and they are all presently in the final stages of configuration and will go live shortly.

Adding to the momentum, eMedicalFusion has signed its first Reseller, David Nico, PhD, CWC, principal of Nico Ventures. Nico Ventures began using the eVendorPortal solution for its wellness store (http://store.davidnico.com) that focuses on health optimization in December of 2009. “I am very excited and pleased to be both a customer and a Reseller of this technology”, said David Nico. “My patients will benefit from the ease of using this technology to order products and services and I am confident that other health care practitioners will see the benefits as well”. Nico has already had success as a reseller as his first prospect recently purchased the eIntegrationSuite and will soon be realizing the benefits of this technoloyg. Nico is continuing to have conversations with health care practitioners and is finding a warm reception to the discussion.

Prospective customers, resellers or technology partners should visit https://www.emedicalfusion.com for more information.

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eMedicalFusion, LLC is a Virgina Limited Liability Company that provides practical, easy to implement technology solutions targeted at cash-based medical practices. eMedicalFusion solutions are based on the fusion of technology and innovative business processes enabled by deep domain knowledge of personalized medicine and cash-based medical practices. The solutions incorporate components of conventional Practice Management for cash-practices but add a powerful integration engine that integrates multiple best-of-breed SaaS applications to create an integrated capability for cash practices. Self-service and workflow enablement are the underlying capabilities that drives back-office efficiency and the eMedicalFusion technology drives both.

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